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Distribution of Bowenia in Queensland (Jones 1993).


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Bowenia serrulata

(W. Bull) Chamberlain 1912

Common names

Byfield fern.

Taxonomic notes


Distribution and Ecology

Australia, the Byfield area in central-eastern Queensland. Sheltered, moist areas in open forest, sometimes in moderately dry sites (Jones 1993).

Big tree




Chamberlain (1912) found it "so abundant in the Maryvale and Byfield region near Rockhampton that it forms a dense, but easily penetrated underbrush in the prevailing Eucalyptus bush."


This species is currently listed on the index of threatened Australian plant species.


Chamberlain, C.J. 1912. Two species of Bowenia. The Botanical Gazette 54:419-423. Available: Biodiversity Heritage Library, accessed 2012.11.25.

See also

Lucas, G. and Synge, H. (comps.) (1978). Bowenia serrulata (Bull) Chamberlain. P.51-52 in: "The IUCN Plant Red Data Book". Morges, Switzerland: IUCN.

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