Molloy, B.P.J. 1995. Manoao (Podocarpaceae), a new monotypic conifer genus endemic to New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany 33: 183-201.

ABSTRACT: The monotypic genus Manoao is erected to accommodate Lagarostrobos colensoi, silver pine, because the character-states of L. colensoi, endemic to New Zealand, and those of Huon pine, L. franklinii, endemic to Tasmania, are so divergent as to warrant treatment as separate genera distinct from Dacrydium and the other segregate genera Halocarpus and Lepidothamnus. As a consequence, Lagarostrobos is redefined to include the type and sole extant species, L. franklinii. The necessary new combination and transfer are made, and names previously assigned to both species are typified.