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Podocarpus alpinus

R. Br. ex Hook. f. 1845

Common names

Taxonomic notes

Syn.: Podocarpus totara G. Benn. ex D. Don var. alpinus (R. Br. ex Hook. f.) Carrière 1867; Nageia alpina (R. Br. ex Hook. f.) F. Muell. 1880; Podocarpus parvifolius Pan in Candolle 1868; Nageia parvifolia (Parl.) Kuntze 1891 (Farjon 1998).


A low straggling densely branched bush. Leaves crowded, straight or sickle-shaped, pointed.

Distribution and Ecology

Australia: New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania (Farjon 1998). You can create a highly detailed map, and access specimen data, using the "search" function at the Australia Virtual Herbarium.

Big tree




Useful in its native habitat for the prevention of soil erosion.




R. Br. ex Hook. f., London J. Bot. 4: 150 (1845).

See also

de Laubenfels (1985), p. 256.

Gray (1956), pp. 168-169.

Gymnosperms of New Zealand.

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