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Mature tree growing on Cerro Las Casitas, in the Sierra de la Laguna [C.J. Earle, 1994.02.09].


Range of Pinus cembroides subsp. lagunae (Perry 1991). Basemap from Expedia Maps.


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Conservation status

Pinus cembroides subsp. lagunae

(Robert-Passini) Bailey 1983

Common names

Laguna piñon (Perry 1991).

Taxonomic notes

Syn: Pinus cembroides var. lagunae Robert-Passini 1981; P. lagunae (R-P.) Passini 1987 (Farjon and Styles 1997).


Distribution and Ecology

Mexico: Baja California Sur: Sierra de la Laguna, at 1200-2000 m (Perry 1991).

Big tree



An exploratory study by Biondi and Fessenden (1999) found that the trees could not be crossdated due to high incidences of missing and "false" rings in a geographically tight collection of dominant trees. They conclude that this result may reflect low seasonality. I suspect that given its narrow range, further work with this species would be unproductive if it relied only on traditional optical methods to crossdate samples. See also Díaz et al. (1994).



Seen in spring 1994 in the Sierra de la Laguna. Collected cones & needles. Detailed instructions on how to reach its home range, La Laguna, are presented in Chap. 15 of the Baja Adventure Book (Peterson 1992). It can also be seen from the so-called Naranjas Road in Southern Baja, south of the range shown here (I have to run down information on this occurrence). Drive to the summit, look north with binoculars, and hike to the trees. It is a difficult hike (there is no trail), but it can be completed in less than 3 hours (V. Dinets, e-mail 2003.10.18).



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See also

The species account at Threatened Conifers of the World.

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