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This stand occupies an isolated valley that has suffered still little from human interventions (Schmid 1981).


Distribution map (redrawn from de Laubenfels 1972).


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Conservation status

Callitris sulcata

(Parlatore) Schlechter 1907

Common names

Taxonomic notes

Synonymy (Farjon 1998):


Distribution and Ecology

New Caledonia (Schmid 1981), where found on ultramafic substrates.

Zone 10 (cold hardiness limit between -1°C and +4.4°C) (Bannister and Neuner 2001).

Big tree


Cabalion et al. (2003) report a sample dated using dendrochronological methods at 345 years. The tree was dead when sampled.



Traditionally it was used in the construction of wooden houses; the wood is very resistant to rot and to insects. Posts are still recovered in old houses and used for new construction. Historically, the wood was used for railway sleepers. In 2001, in a traditional sacred place located in St Joseph de Borendi, a monument was built in memory of the renovation of the church, and six barked trunks of old seed bearing individuals have been erected as permanent symbols of the six clans of the local tribe united with the church (Cabalion et al. 2003).


The photo at left was taken on the east coast of New Caledonia, on the lower Comboui River. This is apparently the last substantial population of C. sulcata, which the local municipality (Thio township) tries to protect (P. Cabalion email 2006.04.25).



Cabalion, P., E. Hnawia E., C. Menut C., J. Waikedre, and J. Patissou. 2003. Protection needed for Callitris sulcata, an endemic but very threatened resource from southern New Caledonia. Poster presentation at the symposium on Preservation and Ecological Restoration in Tropical Mining Environments, Noumea IRD Centre, New Caledonia, 15-20 July 2003.

Schlechter, R. 1907. Beitrage zur Kenntnis de Flora von Neu-Kaledonien. Botanische Jahrbücher für Systematik, Pflanzengeschichte und Pflanzengeographie 39:1-274 (p.16). Available:, accessed 2012.11.25.

See also

Association Endemia, a site devoted to New Caledonian species. Has excellent photos, a range map, and other information. In French.

The species account at Threatened Conifers of the World.

Farjon (2005) provides a detailed account, with illustrations.

de Laubenfels (1972).

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